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Thread: Avi to dvd question ? a bit off topic

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    Default Avi to dvd question ? a bit off topic

    I Have a 8 part avi which i want to burn to dvd (xvid ac3)

    What i need help with is, can someone recommend a good converter that will do this with the minnimum of hassle.

    Usually i use tmpgenc but it will be a real chore to encode them 1 by one then seperate the ac3 and encode seperately.

    Is the a piece of software where i can maybe encode 4 of the 8 (which are 100mb a piece) straight to an iso or vob format ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    This is beyond the scope of the Burning Software forum so I put it here. Maybe you should head over to Doom9's and search there, it's a really great video backup page, and they have great forums too... They'd probably know better how to help you
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    Thanks Soerfer

    I've got a few programs to try that were recommended by one of the mods on doom9. was pretty helpful as well.

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    VSO is offering a avi to dvd product, you can find it on their web site

    otherwise you can try Winavi which is faster but doesn't include the same feature to create a dvd menu for example

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    Nothing wrong with mentioning good programs to use this but this is really the wrong website/forum. I mean we discuss a lot of off-topic things here but encoding video or audio files almost never gets mentioned.
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    I suggest you stick with a tool like TMPEGEnc or Mainconcept's MPEG Encoder which are actually real encoders. Those one-click avi2dvd tools suck ass in terms of quality..

    just my two cents...

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    Yea Novecento, I swear by TMPEGEnc (old freeware not the new pegasys-inc version) but its not easy to use and new users may think it's not suitable for their purpose when it really is just hard to use at first.
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    Mainconcept MPEG Encoder is really easy to use. You only have to choose the input file and the output format. There are already output profiles for VCD, SVCD and DVD for example.

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    I commend WinAVI video converter.It can convert avi to dvd,you can visit this to know details:

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    vso's ConvertX to DVD is a great little piece of software.
    Its able to transcode multiple files of any type to one dvd.
    It can do Aspect ratio conversion, and framerate conversion using matrices.
    I have used it since the days it was free, and once it went commercial, I bought it, as it is a very fine piece of kit. (And only around $35USD)
    It even makes menus now, and supports chapters etc....
    AND i can encode say a 90 minute xvid movie to a compliant dvd in around 45 minutes on my amd 4200x2, and around 60 minutes on my P4 3GHz.
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