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Thread: Ubisoft releases "Reloaded" fix for Direct2Drive digital purchases

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    Default Ubisoft releases "Reloaded" fix for Direct2Drive digital purchases

    Just a little thing I found in the news. This is something Ubisoft did instead of turning off copy protection and cd/dvd checks :

    Title: Ubisoft releases no CD fix for Direct2Drive digital purchases - stolen from piracy community

    Link 1:Digg - Ubisoft releases no CD fix - stolen from piracy community

    Link 2: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 v1.03 - FileForums

    seems the file is missing now:
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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    Saw this yesterday allready.
    They should be called (N)ubisoft !
    You weak pathetic fool, it's all to easy
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    well - they have all rights to release it as they have the
    copyright on their code and I doubt that reloaded has
    something against it nor that reloaded will sue them

    However, it is a bit beyond me, why a publisher release
    scene-stuff. I hope they reviewed the code exaxtly, as
    you never know if the "fix" is what it seems to be. Imagine
    if intentionally or not the "fix" is somehow infected, broken,
    etc etc - then they publish to their customers malware.

    For me it looks unprofessional - but maybe thats only me.

    Why they just released their ORIGINAL files is beyond me?
    Maybe UBISOFT lost their backups?

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    Well, I guess itґs cheaper to release the already "fixed" file as to have a look in their achives^^.

    Reminds me a bit of all those Emulator-Packages released by the original publishers - using images of the warezd releases because the original disc wonґt work as an image in the emulator.

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    Too bad they couldn't see fit to do this for us poor x64 users, who were unable to play Splinter Cell 3 anymore.

    I do agree, though, that this was amateurish. I'm guessing this wasn't a high-level decision. Probably some low-level person in the company did this without permision. Especially given the fact that it's now vanished from their site.

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    where is this "cheaper" as to use the original, unprotected
    executables? No way - such companys have well organized
    structures, as well as we have. Every REAL company should
    have proper departments and as such, there should be also
    code-management and code-administration/distribution with
    versioning systems. And rest assured: such systems exists
    at UBI-Soft, this is one of the biggest publishers worldwide,
    they have professionals work there and not some fools.

    I consider the last issue simple as "accident" or something like
    jito mentioned happend. In no way this was intended (my 2 cent)


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