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Thread: things that escapes me

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    Daumen runter things that escapes me

    interested in "daemon tools pro standard" two licenses for home
    I was very "froze" when it comes to going on the payment page
    30,90euros... ok

    BUT only 1year upgrade
    Lifetime Upgrades ... 70,90euros

    but again a bad surprise, that does not include taxes

    it is expensive the dematerialized

    and this continued in bad surprise
    daemon tools pro included "astroburn pro"
    even though we do named
    (I use "burn" function in daemon tools pro demo)

    and hence the total lack
    with this topic

    what you offer is already included, what is delusion ???

    worse, purchased separately, Astroburn pro is Lifetime Upgrades

    if "buy daemon tools pro standard" upgrade only 1 year

    I'm getting conned, because the integrated burning function (short "Astroburn pro") will no longer update lifetime

    you go really short business at any point of view, but from a consumer point of view I clearly feel that I'm going to take for a ride

    fall within one day, really hoc bowl on a coupon that allows me to order these last two licenses "daemon tools pro standard uprgrades lifetime" to cheap.

    is not won.

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    Hmm... I do not see any sence to discuss the action because it is over now.

    Concerning DT Pro Standard, if you want to get more than 1 year of free upgrades, buy a license with lifetime upgrade period or purchase 1 year of free upgrades and then perform prolongation in a year.
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