I recently got a 5 client version of DT Net.
Server is installed on Win2008R2 Enterprise.

Some things I noticed:
- Net Image Library only shows the same generic Icon for all Images, hope there will be an option in near future to show original Disk Icons
- Device Letters for iSCSI mounts can't be changed in DT like other emulated drives, atm I have to use windows integrated tools.
- I can't change Installation-Name of clients, at server there is that option like in DT Pro Adv.

other Suggestions
- Clients should be able to "upload" Images to Server in DT via Drag&Drop
- if that can't be implemented, there should be an option to autoscan Image folder at server and autoadd images to shared library.
(Atm I upload Images to server via SMB and add them manually at RemoteDesktop)
- maybe some client rights management to create "personal" folders at net image library