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Thread: Pro Rugby Manger Starforce

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    Default Pro Rugby Manger Starforce

    how can I have to jump the protection starforce to play pro rugby manger :mrgreen:

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    Default How To Hack StarForce!!!!!!!

    go buy a external harddrive enclosure and connect up a cd rom drive instead of a harddrive
    burn the image of the game to cd using Alcohol at 4x, RAWDAO, with RSPS or wot ever it is turned off
    when the select Securom *NEW setting at the bottom not the (4/5) one!
    click next select "TOC same as source on CD"


    Put CD in External CD Drive And Disable Enternal CD rom Drives
    using a program like SFNightmare or Starf**k

    worked every time for every starforce game iv tried good luck

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    You don't have to buy anything, but with an external drive it works, too. You can also unplug your drives. Just mount the image with DTv4 with unplugged drives and play. If it's StarForce version 3.x-3.4 it would work with disabling your drives with StarForce nightmare, so at this versions you don't have to unplug your drives.


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