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Thread: Imagin DVDs and it plays all currupted???

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    Default Imagin DVDs and it plays all currupted???

    I got past the region issue but its plays all corrupted. Like a TV with bad signal. Do i need to do something with the rmps or laser lock or something? Trying to put all my DVD's on my 2TB external so when I travel i can take them with me. Also i am putting them on my network drive.

    Can anyone explain what i need to do?

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    Any suggestion on software that can make a complete image of my DVD?

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    When you let an on-the-fly decrypter like DVDFab Passkey (free) or AnyDVD work in the background, you can choose any software to create an unprotected image.
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    thx i'll give these a try! I cant wait to make my huge game/DVD collection. I imaged all my games i got on hand(at the barrack) but when i go home on leave i'll do the rest.


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