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Thread: DT Lite Won't Play Audio Tracks from Virtual CD-ROMs

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    Ausrufezeichen DT Lite Won't Play Audio Tracks from Virtual CD-ROMs

    I have six virtual CD-ROMs in my collection that are game CDs but also feature audio tracks to be played during the games, but they don't play at all during any of the games, regardless of which virtual CD is in DT Lite's virtual drive during the running of whichever game (I once found that they are actually interchangable).

    Strangely, though, if I run any of the mounted virtual CD-ROMs through Winamp, it recognizes the tracks and plays them. Hence, I know that the audio tracks are exsistent on the image files.

    I made all six of the images in the format of .BIN & .CUE from original CD-ROMs that I had purchased.

    I hope that this problem can be solved, as the cool soundtracks are half the fun of the games.

    Please help....

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    Try to create images with DT Pro in MDS format.
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    Please also try to assign one of your virtual drives the drive letter which is currently used by your real optical drive.
    e.g. if your real drive has letter E: change that in Windows Disk Management; right click on your drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths..., change e.g. to letter Z:
    Now open the Device Parameters... of a virtual drive in DAEMON Tools and assisgn the now available letter E:
    Reboot and try your games.

    btw. which are those games ?
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    Daumen hoch

    Oh, thank you, Terramex! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You rule, man!

    That was easy to do, and it worked! WOOOOO! And the music sounds soooo good! Awesome! You're the best, Terramex!

    BTW, the games are Quake and both of its official Mission Packs, Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity, and Quake II and both of its official Mission Packs The Reckoning and Bround Zero.

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    Hey Joel, I have some questions for you.

    1. Have you installed the Q2 mission packs - The Reckoning and Ground Zero yet?. Do they ask for the Q2 disc when you go to install them?.

    2. Did you install them using the same virtual drive as Q2?.

    3. Have you tried the mission packs?, do they have new music, or do they use the original Q2 music?.


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