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Thread: Reading an .iso file..

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    Default Reading an .iso file..

    Been trying to open this .iso file that I got, and so far haven't had much luck.

    The file's over 6 gigs and won't fit on a disc. I need a way to read the file w/o actually burning it onto a CD. I've got daemon tools lite an astroburn lite, but I must not know how to work them right; they both still want me to burn onto a disc.

    Can someone help me please?

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    I read thru all the tutorials before posting on here.. The one u posted says to add gadget to desktop? What is that?

    And once the image is mounted onto the virtual drive, I can't open the drive in my computer because windows doesn't recognize the format.

    As far as I can tell, the image file is on the virtual drive, that much I could do. What I need to do is actually read that file.

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    Please specify your OS and DAEMON Tools version.
    How did you get this ISO image?
    Is your problem reproducible for all images?

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