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Thread: Error: There is no disk in the drive

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    Default Error: There is no disk in the drive

    I have been trying to use daemon tools lite on my Windows Vista computer to run You Don't Know Jack: The Ride as my disk is too scratched to work. However, after I mount the image (it does seem to work at first, it even brings up the autorun) it give me an error saying that there is no disk in the drive when I try to run. I can even manually go through and see all the files on the cd, yet for some reason it won't detect it when I try to play the game. Please help me fix this!

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    Image got created with incorrect settings.
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    Please scan the YDKJ 4 main executable in your installation directory with Protection iD

    Has the game worked properly before on Vista ?
    How have you created your image ?

    P.S.: Some games are hotwired to the drive letter they were installed from.
    Use Windows Disk Management to assign your real drive a higher drive letter, then open the virtual drives' Device Parameters in DAEMON Tools and assign the now available former letter of your real drive.
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