hey i installed DAEMON Tools Lite Free License on my Windows Vista Acer Laptop.

i rebooted to install proper as requested everything installed fine except for the

"SCSI CdRom Device" /

Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device.

CD-ROM Drive

Access is denied.

is this some vista prob with administration i allowed Daemon lite full admin rights but i cant change the vista computer icon rights so the cdrom wont have access denied..

However when i check computer Device Manager properties anyway i see the

"HKHWZCR DIR$TIZGP SCSI CdRom Device" has installed anyway albeit it in the "Other Devices section" of Vista's Device manager

i tried the add SCSI Virtual Drive button on Daemon Lite and it does install it onto vista's Device Manager in other devices permenatley and momentarily appear under the "DVD/CD ROM drivers" of vistas Device Manager BUT windows vista keeps access denied ....


anyone please help???