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Thread: use .mds or .iso? any difference with DVDs?

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    Default use .mds or .iso? any difference with DVDs?

    Hi Guys

    I have been using Daemon Tools for years. I started way back when it took 3 hours to re-compile a DVD 9 to DVD 5, way before dual layer was even availiable. glad those days are gone. I stopped burning long time ago when became feasible just to have media drives and server to stream-

    I remember long time ago there was reason to mount the mds file instead of iso for copying

    My question is Is there any problem that might arise someday from mounting the .ISO image directly instead of .mds file such as layer break changeover, or aspect ratio being correct (have seen where individual files ripped from dvds did not play correctly outside the dvd.)

    If not would clean up a lot of clutter to be able to put all those .mds files in a single location for possible future need.


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    iso = generally useless for protected stuff as it doesn't store the protection information.. timings etc

    mds is probably best in the long run as it does store this information
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    ok will keep doing same way I have been just wondering

    thanks a lot



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