I created this batch file:

DTAgent.exe -unmount 0
DTAgent.exe -unmount 1
DTAgent.exe -unmount 2
DTAgent.exe -unmount 3
DTAgent.exe -unmount 4
DTAgent.exe -unmount 5
DTAgent.exe -mount 0,"d:\games\byskateboard.nrg"
DTAgent.exe -mount 1,"d:\games\bysoccer.nrg"
DTAgent.exe -mount 2,"d:\games\Scooby-DooFPP.nrg"
DTAgent.exe -mount 3,"d:\games\OddParents.iso"
DTAgent.exe -mount 4,"d:\games\Buzz2G.iso"
DTAgent.exe -mount 5,"d:\games\RAT2.iso"

I need to have those games mounted but not run automatically after mount. Can someone tell me how to do that please?