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Thread: SPTDinst-x86 identified as virus

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    Default SPTDinst-x86 identified as virus

    Hy everyone. I installed today the daemon tools lite, and used it with some images. A few hours later, when i was watching a movie, the computer went stand-by, and began doing some stuff ( noticed by the HD led ). Then the antivirus popped an alert about the file SPTDinst-x86.exe, identifing it with the virus TR/Dropper.gen
    It´s probably an false positive, but i tought that would be good let you know this. Following are my computer & software info. If a miss something, please let me know.

    Daemon Tools Info:
    SPTD 1.76
    Downloaded at: ( DAEMON Tools Lite v4.40.1 (with SPTD 1.76) )

    Antivirus Info:
    Avira Antivir Personal
    |-Search Engine:
    |-Virus Definition
    It´s fully updated at 07/01/2010

    Windows 7 Ultimate ( Fully updated at 07/01/2010 )

    Steps taken from install to alert:
    *obs: all events below taken using an admin account
    -Downloaded installer ( see link above )
    -Updated it ( dont remember the previous version )
    -Did some stuff related and not related with daemon tools
    -Computer goes stand by
    -Computer begins doing stuff ( disk access noticed )
    -Antivirus notify the file

    Thank you.

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    It is a false positive.
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