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Thread: labels fail on some Virt.Drive detected as DVD not CD drives

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazkowicz View Post
    What prove, you proved it yourself:
    a) in download folder
    b) exact file name of warez image.
    You lol. I name my folders as I like. What is exact name? You know the exact name of warez? Where did you get it? ah?
    Kinda funny you are.
    btw do you know what DO_DEVICE_INITIALIZING mean? no? Where do you know then how warez names look like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by i4u1 View Post
    Prove that this is Windows issue. Show me KB or else.
    And what I should read in agreement and rules about my own images here?
    btw are you sure that DO_DEVICE_INITIALIZING processed well?
    I can answer you the same way. If you think that it's DT problem, prove it.
    Do you have more important problems with DT virtual drives than absence of disc label in Windows Explorer? It seems you don't.
    And yes, DO_DEVICE_INITIALIZING processed well.

    Discussion reached a deadlock. Closed until new facts appear.

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