Daemon Tools Pro Standard Edition (paid for) 4.40.0132.0214

XP Pro 2002 SP3

(Why don't programmers add a "copy to clipboard" button on the About dialogue?).

Anyway, have three virtual drives (E: F: H

I don't like H: as I use subst to mount a folder there a start up, so I guess that is a DT bug really.

When I put a CD in, iTunes sees it.

Then I use EAC to copy the CD and make WAV and CUE files.

Then I mount CUE using Daemon.

OS sees a new disc (asks me what I want to do with it). But iTunes often does not.

No idea how to see if DT is sending out the right notification, or how/if iTunes is ignoring it.

Where do I go from here? I have treied using EAC with Accurate and Secure gap detection.