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Sorry if this topic is already available, but entering Cyberlink or Power2Go issue gave me no results.
Seems it doesn't matter which version of Power2Go I use, but once I load Daemon-Tool 4.02, Power2Go just hangs at the "initializing engine" load-up for the program(s). Once I take Daemon-Tools off, the Power2Go software works just fine again. Obviously it is the D-T 4.02 that IS the issue after trying two separate versions of the same burner software. Just wish I knew why

Nothing wrong with the burners themselves and the install for Daemon-Tools 4.02 loaded without a hitch. I've always enjoyed Daemon-Tools with pasts versions of Windows, but could part of the problem be that I'm now using Win7 x64 Ultimate.?

This has me really stumped and disappointed. Any help/ideas would be great. TY!

My Current Drives:

C: Hitachi 320G
D: Seagate 400G
F: CD/RW Blu-Ray
G: WD External 1.5TB