ok here's what happened...i installed daemon tools and it set up properly as the E: drive. in the process i lost my D: drive.....no idea how it happened but it did.

this happened to me last time that i installed daemon tools on win 98...decided to give it another try now that i am on xp and a newer version was out...

and it happened again.

pertinent information : no i did not install anything else. yes daemon tools runs fine. no, nothing was deleted.

plain and simple, i installed daemon tools and my cd rom is not showing up at all now.

thinking that maybe something conflicts, like a driver or something...but my question is this...i have now deleted daemon tools and ran "install new hardware"...it detected and installed the cdrom supposedly, but it is not showing up at all when i search the control panel, etc.

now, has anyone else had this problem? i can't remember how i fixed it last time and i'm pretty much at my wits end. i really need my cd-rom back quick as possible, and i would appreciate any advice.

thanks to any and all with information.