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Thread: silent installation of DaemonTools and awxdtools

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    Default silent installation of DaemonTools and awxdtools

    Operating System: windows XP Prof
    Burning Software: Nero burning rom 6
    Anti-virus Software: Sophos AV
    DAEMON Tools Version: Daemon tools 3.44


    I dont know if this question is in the right topic, but didn''t know where to place is else where. I'am trying to create my own windows XP prof. OEM DVD. this DVD installs windows XP and a lot of software without user intervention. at this point i'am trying to get daemon tools and awdtools working. Deamon tools is working fine at this point but with awxdtools the setup pops up.

    for those who want to read the sfuff i've managed to do so far i've put the script in the internet: if there are questions about this script (or the DVD it self) please let me know and i will (try) to answer you.

    Kind regards,
    Marcel van der Steen

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    one little *kick*

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    You'll have to talk to awxdtools developer, as it is not developed/maintained by dtools directly.

    You could also copy all installed files + reg entries (use regmon during installation to get these) and install this way.


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