I have downloaded and installed latest version, but when I click on the desktop icon or the .exe file (via Windows explorer);
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nothing happens. Also, while I can see a new CD drive "F" in windows explorer, it is not labled "stealth" and when I click on it, message appears saying "is not accessible device is not ready". Finally, I tried a test. I copied a CD to my hard drive (G, which is external) using BlindRead. (When I started copying, I believe it displayed a list of drives which included a "stealth" drive.) I thought that after creating a copy/image on my hard drive, I might be able to find a way to use the copy (using Daemon tools) by left or right clicking on it, but no luck.
I've installed Daemon on my C drive. C and D drives have virtually no space. G drive (external) has tons of space, and is where I will keep images of CDs, if this works.
Thanks for advice/suggestions!