I’m interested in purchasing Daemon Tools Pro Advanced and before I wanted to place an order I wanted to validate if my email adress works. However:
a) Creating a new account on Register :: Disc-Soft.com . Clicking the ‘register’ link doesn’t do anything.
b) Making a purchase on Store :: DAEMON-Tools.cc. Clicking the ‘Buy’ button doesn’t do anything.
c) Creating a ticket on Support :: Disc-Soft.com doesn’t do anything (https://secure.disc-soft.com/sendmsg unresponding)
d) Creating a ticket through Send Message :: Disc-Soft.com is not working. Clicking “send message” does nothing.

I tried this out using both Firefox 3.6.16 and Internet Explorer 9. I first used Firefox and thought it may have been my NoScript addon and allowed the full website to run scripts, but that is not the issue. Next, I thought it may have been my Sunbelt VIPRE blocking ‘malicious’ scripts, thus disabled the webfiltering option, but still to no avail.

It's a good thing I could register myself at least on the forums... I have to be honest and admit that I’m currently a lot less willing in setting through my purchase, especially if new customers have problems with even getting in contact...


-- Threeps