Hi! Like 1 month ago i got stuck in my headset and my new computer fell to the ground. The screen broke; (Showing all kinds of colours, not ordinary screen.) So i sent a report to my insurance company and they fixed it. (Sorry for bad English) Then when i first started my computer it was TERRIBLY SLOW like 25 minutes to start my computer then crazy lagg. I got Intel core i5 so it used to have rly good performance.. And programs stop responding all the time. I got a brand new ''Acer Aspire 5742G'' Some info bout my comp: Windows 7 Intel core i5-450M 500Gb HDD Nvida GeForce Gt 540M 4Gb DDR3 Memory Acer Nplify 802. 11 B/g/n Nvida Omtimus Technology. 6Cell Li-ion battery. Inntel(R) HD-graphic.

If i mention something unnecesary, I can't help it. I'm not a computer pro so i don't know whats important and whats not.

Thx for any replys.

Short summary: Computer running very slow after falling accident and i wanna know why and how to fix it.