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Thread: Icon Tray x Autostart Windows Disable

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    Quote Originally Posted by rafaelluik View Post
    Hey! I'm Brazilian too!

    I found out the system tray and autostart options were "merged" in latest DT versions and got upset about it, but just not cared enough to get here and ask for it to get back.

    But now that I saw it was made available back in the latest version I needed to get here and thank you for this! Thanks a lot for letting us to use the system tray tool without having to make it to autostart with the system again.
    Thanks for your feedback!

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    I am using the older version of Daemontools lite - it functions better than the newer ones (I'm using v.4.40).
    The newer ones do not allow me to "Open in Explorer" with right click, and have therefore created issues for me with regard to playng certain video/ISO files.

    The 4.40 version does have one registry setting for Start at Startup / Minimize to Tray, as you mention. I've circumvented this by installing 4T tray minimizer. I have then turned OFF Start at Startup/Minimize to Tray by assigning it a registry value of 0.

    When I run Daemontools and want to reduce to tray/minimize to tray, I click the minimize to tray button at the top of the window (4T tray minimizer gives you this option - it creates a button to minimize to tray).

    Hope this helps!

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