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Thread: Battlefield vietnam

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    Default Battlefield vietnam

    Operating System: Microsoft windows XP
    Burning Software: I dont know
    Anti-virus Software: Panda antivirus Titanium
    DAEMON Tools Version: deamon tools 346

    I have installed BF vietnam with deamon tools. when i try to start it it says: Insert the correct disc. I try to insert disc 2 and disc 3 but it doesnt work. HELLLP MEEE

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    Default Same probleme

    Operating System: Win Xp
    Burning Software: Nero
    Anti-virus Software: Norton
    DAEMON Tools Version: 346

    I have the same probleme with battlefield vietnam. HELPPP me !!!

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    Probably your images had not been correctly created, you should use Alcohol 120% for eg. to recreate them, simply use "Safedisc 2/3" datatype for reading this disc, and please don't use ISO format for store this image, use MDS/MDF format for example.


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