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Thread: Daemon Tools Lite No Longer Storing Images in Catalog After Reboot

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    Default Daemon Tools Lite No Longer Storing Images in Catalog After Reboot

    Hello everyone! Recently (As in only the past few days), my version of Daemon Tools Lite ( has stopped storing images in my Image Catalog after my computer is restarted. It also removes images from my list of Recently Used Images, even if an image that was in both is still mounted upon the restart.

    I don't remember this ever being a problem, and the only changes I can think of that I've made in the past few weeks that might have affected it is I updated Daemon Tools after this problem started, which I never usually did.

    It's not a problem if I can't fix this, just a minor annoyance at having to keep adding images to my catalog (1-3ish at a time) every time Daemon Tools removes them!

    Just in case it matters, as mentioned above, I'm running Daemon Tools Lite ( on a 64-bit version of Windows Vista as an Administrator. I don't remember ever running Daemon Tools in Administrator mode, and haven't tried that yet, but if that might fix the problem, I'll give it a shot!

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    Found out it was a setting in CCleaner. One of the latest updates must have added CCleaner by default to the list of programs to remove temporary/last saved settings from!

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    Thanks for info!


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