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Thread: Help! Found new hardware !

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    Default Help! Found new hardware !

    Hello guys !

    I`ve uninstalled my daemon tools lite ( don`t know the version ) `cause Secunia PSi told me that it`s insecure , and I`ve downloaded the lates version ... and here it comes the nightmare :

    1. Installation goes well but at the end when it tries to creat a Dt virtual drive appears that " found new hardware " wizard , I click cancel and it says that might be a problem with the new hardware installed ... and after reboot I get all the time that window with new hardware found , and this is very annoying .

    Daemon tools works well but I don`t like that " found new harware " wizard every time I start de PC

    2. I`ve searched on google , I`ve uninstalled DT , uninstalled SPTD , delete manually DT registry from HKCU and HKLM software , I run CCleaner , comodo system cleaner etc ...

    I`m not a PC noob but I ran out of ideas ...

    I`m sure there are a lot of guys that know much more than me with PC , so please help me

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    Install latest DTLite 4.41.3 back and reproduce the problem.
    Then open Device Manager and check virtual devices status. I.e. double-click on a device in Device Manager and read device status on General tab.
    Also, we need your setupapi.log file ("C:\Windows\inf\" for Win7 or Vista, "C:\Windows\setupapi.log" for WinXP).
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    Hi !

    1. Yes , DTLite 4.41.3 it`s the version .

    2. I`ve checked all the time Device manager and all looked fine there .

    3. Here is the log: setupapi.log

    4. I`ve managed this problem using brute force this means I prevent new hardware wizard running . I`ve renamed newdev.dll in safe mode .


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