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Thread: mistake of English?

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    Default mistake of English?

    The online article on "Creating an Image File" states the following:

    "You can select both physical and virtual device".

    This does not make sense. I'd like to suggest the following rewording:

    "One can select either a physical device or a virtual device".

    Phillip M. Feldman

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    Thanks, will be fixed ASAP

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    "one" is a bit too formal is it not?, its an instruction manual, not a letter to the queen
    my views are 100% personal views..

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    Is english your mother tongue ?
    Afaik "both x and y" is a legit alternative for "as well as".

    I don't know it, but are you sure "one" is really formal ?
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    Default a native english speaker.. the "one" usage there is formal / old english (in this context).. like the queen using "we"
    i would be very surprised if a microsoft manual etc used "one can..." instead of "you can", especially a technical one
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    can you explain me what is the difference between physical device or virtual device???? and which is much better???

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    packersnmovers - I will attempt this, and I'm sure that others will add to the line should I grossly mess up.
    "what is the difference between physical device or virtual device???? and which is much better???' = In this question your asking purely an opinion base question. Not to nit pick. There are many, many , to many ways to reply to this, but this I'm sure will not be argued. -It depends on the applications and the desired outcome-.
    ----Virtual-----Tricking the computer to believing a physical device exist, but really it's created in the computers available memory (RAM) only.
    --I have a hellva (hell of alot) of music CD's in my home. I have 5 lil ones running about also. Over the years, I've lost (thru them destroying my CD's) about 1/2 if not more of my music collection. Solution is to Image the CD's and store them on a external Drive. Mounting it virtually (that's the application).
    I've also Images much of the games I own, Freelancer, MechWarrior-Vengence, etc... so the lil once can damage them either. I mount them virtually and install thru the image. Using DTools (a most excellent prg.)
    In both cases I use and rely on virtual drive to access the data, and to prevent loss.
    --I also run 2-4 virtual drives (at times, not always) to have quick access to data, programs, etc, for projects that I might be working on at the moment.
    In this application I gain speed of access(convenience), but lose drive space( due to stored data).
    ----Physical----HDD Drive come in x2 sizes, 2.5 inch laptops/and 3.5 inch Desktop computer, sizes.
    --Having physical drives, allows/gives you Storage. Massive storage if you have alot of drives. I have with in reach anywhere from 3-7 HDD's (2.5's/3.5's) myself. I have very little problems storing data. Consolidating all the data in one drive will be a problem. Depending on situations.

    So it really depends on the user, and what you want to gain, and how you employ programs to achieve the ends. In both cases tho, it does work best it you have physical drive to store virtual images to work with-in.
    I hope I've not lost you on this. But I'm sure you get the jist of it.
    *I would recommend a balance of the 2, if possible.

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    anyone explain me what are the similarities in the virtual devices and physical devices


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