Now this is a little problem I have with Daemon tools pro and lite. I want to install lite, (it's easier) but it says I have already installed pro. I have, but then when I opened the uninstall wizard the bar always froze about halfway. So I uninstalled it manually, (%appdata% deleted daemon tools) and then went to install lite. It said I still have pro installed so I opened the wizard. Again It froze halfway. So I downloaded special uninstaller and tried to uninstall it useing that. It said it worked but there was a little leftovers. So I went to install lite again then it still said pro was installed. So I opened the wizard and the bar, again, froze halfway. I cannot open daemon tools pro in anyway, nor its programme files. So pro is stuck in a half uninstalled half installed position. And I need lite.


P.S can you run it says I cannot run fallout three but look

Required You Have
Video RAM 512 MB 512.0 MB
3D Yes Yes
Hardware T&S Yes Yes
Pixel Shader version 3.0 3.0
Vertex Shader version 3.0 3.0

Any help there would also be much valued.