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Thread: TAGES vs. Daemontools

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    Ausrufezeichen TAGES vs. Daemontools

    I recently bought a new game title, War Front Turning Point.
    I just realized that the ones sold here in my country were protected by TAGES.

    I would like to know if the free Daemon Tools supports the creation of an image from a disc protected by Tages or should I buy the Advanced version of Daemon Tools to create an image for this game.

    Thank you for the information.

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    You need DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced or Standard to create an image using specific profile. DAEMON Tools Lite doesn't have such functionality.

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    I have read from a Tages dumper. Is this the feature in DT Pro, where I can select the TAGES-profile when making an image from a Tages proteced CD?
    Does this profile support alle Tages versions (the latest is v5.5.7.2)? Is it possible to make a working copy?

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    You can make working backups of all TAGES versions - but "only" mounted in a virtual drive, no physical copies
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