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Thread: Unable to mount with command line

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    Beitrag Unable to mount with command line


    We use DT Pro Version 4.41.0315 with Windows 7 Professional. We want to automatically mount CD when the user logs in. The problem is that the images are not mounted when using the command line. If we do it manually over the GUI everything works fine. Below are the command I'm using. Even if I replace the Windows variables with the logical path it does not work. (The script runs from a local directory on the machine)

    "%ProgramFiles%\DAEMON Tools Pro\DTAgent.exe" -mount dt, 0, "%SystemDrive%\AuricalCD\Vol4_A\Audiocare_Vol4.cue "
    "%ProgramFiles%\DAEMON Tools Pro\DTAgent.exe" -mount dt, 1, "%SystemDrive%\AuricalCD\Vol3_A\Audio_F_I_Vol3.cue "

    Even if I use the following command I do not get any response.

    "%ProgramFiles%\DAEMON Tools Pro\DTAgent.exe" -get_count dt

    Does anyone have an idea how I can solve my problem?


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    Is this Windows 7 x86 or x64? If x64, exchange %programfiles% with %ProgramFiles(x86)%.
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    We use x86 Windows 7.

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