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Thread: Problem during install

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    Default Problem during install

    Operating System: Windows XP Pro
    Burning Software: None
    Anti-virus Software: None
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

    I believe this isnt a problem caused by dtools, but when I try to install it, everything goes fine until he tries to create the virtual scsi driver, when appears an error message form windows "Windows could not load the installer for the SCSIAdapter", and then the dtools installer give me a message error "Device setup error: code 25031 (0x61C7), -536870387 (0xE000020D). Contact your support personnel."

    I also tried to install Alcohol 120% but the same windows message appears, and when I try to manually install a SCSI/RAID controller, I get the same message again.

    Someone can give me some help?

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    Hmmm.. actually something is really fucked up on my computer... I'm trying to install the windows update, and every time it tries to install a device, Windows just gives me the same message "Windows could not load the XXXX installer...". It is giving me errors to install mouse, keyboard, hdc, etc., devices.
    I know its not a DT problem, but can anyone give me any help? I'm very close to formating my entire HD =[


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