Hi, I've just finished making digital backups of my entire audio CD collection.

I'm now looking to backup the 2 video DVD's that I own, but I've had no success. I tried using each of DT's output formats (MDS/MDF, MDX and ISO), with no success. For the MDS/MDF & MDX formats, I used the Profile of 'DVD-Video'. When this did not work, I tried other 'protection-scheme' profiles (i.e., SafeDisc, etc.), again with no success.

I used the ProtectionID utility to see if the DVD's were protected, and sure enough they were (CSS/CPMM), as follows:

[I] Init cd/dvd sector scan for Drive E
[Disk Heuristics] -> Flag : 00000000000000000000000000010011 (0x00000013)
[i] Detected CSS / CPMM Protection! (0x00000001)
[i] Region Lock Detected -> RegionBitMask: 00000001
[.] Region(s) allowed : 1 (Drive is ok to play this region)
- Scan Took : 3.786 Second(s)

I'm really not sure how to proceed at this point. Is this something that DT Advanced Pro can resolve ? (I have the latest version with lifetime updates). If not, do I need to purchase additional software like AnyDVD + CloneDVD ?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.