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Thread: Discussion: DAEMON Tools & MountSpace service

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sway View Post
    Dear A.Hecka, sending statistics and MountSpace usage are absolutely optional. You can disable these features in Preferences.
    Yes, as I wrote above:
    Remove this shit out of the paid version, or at least give people the option to not install it in any way than to deactivate it afterwards.
    (No, I don´t mean to uncheck some boxes, I mean to not beam the code on the hdd at all).

    You read posts before you answer, sway?

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    I must say, with all the 'hubb-bub' about IP this or that much of an issue? Who care where your IP is coming from.
    If I'm off in left field and you actualy see some real threat, please correct me. Even tho I'm in the military and we do have our own security and all that, is it really that big of a deal. Why bust the Administrators balls.....
    I just dont get it...

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