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Thread: Having trouble with DVD using SecuROM 7.39.0004

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    Default Having trouble with DVD using SecuROM 7.39.0004

    Hello there,

    So I ran CopyProtectionID on my DVD. It's an Acupuncture DVD Program that I legally purchased and the report told me it had SecuROM 7.39.0004.

    I downloaded Daemon Tools Pro Advanced v5.0.0316.0317 and created an MDS image using the profile "New SecuROM".

    I used all the default settings.
    Retries on Bad Blocks 3.
    DPM Speed 16.0x

    And then afterwards I mount the image, and try to run the program.
    It tells me

    Conflict with Disc Emulator Software detected. See SecuROM for more details.
    Also, I am mounting the Image on the SCSI drive.

    I would love some help please.

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    Please try mounting into virtual IDE drive. If you still receive the message then, please attach the virtual IDE drive to your physical drive.
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