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Thread: Deamon Tools Lite installation stops at Licence Agreement

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    Default Deamon Tools Lite installation stops at Licence Agreement

    I succesfully used DT Lite for about 2 years untill today. After logging to Windows 7 (64bit) Deamon Tools started to crash. After 2 reboots - I decided to reinstall it. I unistalled my current version, downloaded latest and lauched installation file. Unfortunatelly - installation has stopped at Licence Agreement window - after clicking 'I agree' button, I'm clicking 'Next' - and nothing happens. From that point I have to kill DTLite.exe process form Device Manager 'cause buttons doesn't response.
    Please help

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    If any, do you remember which changes were made to the system before the issue occured ?

    Please temporarily disable all non-Microsoft services for test purposes:
    Open System Configuration Tool (msconfig.exe), go to Services tab, tick "Hide all Microsoft services"
    Choose to 'Disable all' and restart your system.
    Any improvement ?

    Please also attach/upload a zipped Autoruns arn file (no installation required).
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    Thanks for answer.
    Actually, I've installed DT Pro - that installation went smooth, without any hang ups. Recently I've updated graphic card, installed some utility programs - so maybe one of them caused problems, but I think I wont play in unistalling and seeking which one is guilty - since DT Pro works.
    Thanks again.


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