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Thread: How to get Yu-Gi-Oh running

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    Default How to get Yu-Gi-Oh running

    Hi there! I've created a BIN file from
    "Yu-Gi-Oh Powr of Chaos Yugi's Destiny"
    Can anybodey tell me, how to get that running proper?
    I've mounted it in D-Tool v3.46 tried any option possible,
    but it won't work =(

    Has anyone got an idea how to do that?

    Thx, Voltan

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    Yu-Gi-Oh! is protected by SecuROM. I suggest re-ripping your image with Alcohol 120% usinf the SecuROM 4+ DataType. (using Alcohol's native format "mdf" as a bin cannot contain the needed info for a working copy)
    Extract the DPM info at a low speed.
    Mount and play.

    Goodnight Brave Warrior, Goodnight Monster-land..

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    Iґve copied it with Alcohol120%, all options prob with mounting! But if you patch it to version 2.0, you must install the newest Alcohol or Daemon Tools.......cause Alcohol is after the Patch blacklisted...donґt no if it is the same with DT....


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