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Thread: Zonealarm and Daemontools DThelper.exe

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    Default Zonealarm and Daemontools DThelper.exe

    Dear Forum.

    980X intel i7 3333mhz 6 cores
    windows 7 64bit ultimate
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:
    ZoneAlarm license key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Vsmon version:
    Driver version:
    Antivirus engine version:
    Antivirus signature DAT file version: 1089419936
    AntiSpam version:
    ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.388.0
    ZoneAlarm ForceField Spyware Scanner:

    Daemon tools..:
    When i look at the "about" screen in Daemon tools then it say that SPTD is not installed.
    BUT it is installed and working, but its being blocked i think.

    Im aware that this is a returning issue and people have been writing and asking questions
    since 2009 or something like that.
    I have spend more than 5 houres reading forum posts here on Daemon tools forum and on Zonealarm and on the SPTD driver forum.
    I tried alot of different stuff like editing the registry, and i did also first of all use the guide in the faq on daemon tools homepage.

    During the last several houres of trying different stuff I managed to find out the following.

    If i Uninstall zonealarm ( or any security ) and then install daemon tools and install the
    SPTD driver ect. then everything work find and I can make a SCSI drive and mount and dismount stuff. I can also use the advanced emulations.
    BUT when everything is setup and working and I install zone alarm then each time i launch the Daemon tools Pro Agent ( the main program ) then i get a pop up message saying
    " would you like to run DThelper.exe" YES / NO
    This is where the problem start...
    Zonealarm will not allow me to use DThelper.exe and block it from running normal ( i think )
    Or maybe the problem happen af that since zonealarm block the SPTD driver.

    So when i open my daemon tools pro software i press yes about dthelper, but when i look in the menu then i no longer see "advanced" emulations its grey out.
    And also my already mounted SCSI virtual drive are now not avaliable inside of the software BUT avaliable if I open "my computer" and im able to choose mount...
    Daemon tools so to speak work outside of the Daemon tools main program
    ( without advanced emulation ) but inside of the daemon tools program nothing will work.
    If I try to install the scasi driver when im "blocked" then it ask me to reboot and if I do so nothing will happen the scasi virtual drive will never mount.

    I have so far made som advanced rules in zone alarm that simply allow daemon tools to do anything, but it do not seem to work.. I do actually have the same "problem with" java when it want to read my "computer hardware ID " and allow me to log into government websites... the solution about java is to lower security level to medium but it the only thing that do is allow more data to be send from yoru computer to somewhere els. So i do not
    think that will do anything regarding daemon tools.

    my question.
    Im not quite sure if its the SPTD driver og daemon tools that are being block, since both software work together then I think that its the same problem...

    How can i Unblock the Daemon tools from being allowed to work ?

    I hope someone can help me and guide me in the right direction.


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    Does your version include the ZA Browser Toolbar ?
    Have you also asked in the ZA forums ?

    btw. i just noticed that i was quoted in a sticky in the ZA forums least partially.

    Quote in ZA forums: FYI: Daemon tools and Forcefield - ZoneAlarm User Community

    Noticed the missing part ?
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