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Thread: daemon tools 3.26 need help

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    Default daemon tools 3.26 need help

    when i install it it works but after resetin my pc there is this bluescreen, starting again and goin into windows XP there comes VIRTUAL SCSI/IDE DRIVER NOT DETECTED (or so
    i made what was in the help txt (uninstallin and reinstallin) but it doesnt work...
    could my burnin programm "nero" cause that error? plz help me as fast as u can i need that program really fast....

    ah by the way the version 3.23 works on my pc...


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    the error message which comes on the bluescreen is:

    STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF642E417, 0xF9E809A0, 0xF9E806A0)

    st324kj.sys - Adress F642E417 base at F642E417, DateStamp 3dd28f52

    and the error which comes on windows is not virtual scsi/ide driver not detected, but VIRTUAL SCSI DRIVER NOT DETECTED...

    i HAVEN'T installed the windows hotfix SP1 on my system....

    my pc is a AMD duron 1200MHz, Geforce2 GTS, (dunno my mainboard...sry) 256MB DDR RAM, a cdReWriter, a CDROM and a OnBoard 100MBIT Lan card....


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