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Thread: Feature Request: Ability to mount small .iso file as DVD-ROM

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    Default Feature Request: Ability to mount small .iso file as DVD-ROM

    The scenario is that:
    When I create a DVD-Video image as .iso file with the size smaller than a CD-ROM disc, it is likely that the DT will treat it as a CD-ROM image instead of the preferred DVD-ROM image.
    For the normal data DVD it will be ok, but for the video DVD, and in Windows 7, there will be a problem...
    If the DT mount the small DVD-Video .iso image as CD-ROM in Windows 7 (or maybe Vista), the WMP and MPC will both complaint about the incompatible DVD region thing and cannot play the videos, and I am sure this is not the region problem because:
    1. If I convert the .iso file to .mds/.mdf file and set it as DVD-ROM, then the DT will mount it as DVD-ROM correctly and the WMP/MPC can play the videos.
    2. If I copy the VIDEO_TS folder to HDD and load the .ifo in WMP/MPC, they can play as well.

    I know this is the .iso file format problem and not the DT problem, so I post it here as feature request, that the DT can provide an option to "Mount as DVD-ROM" when I am going to mount a small .iso image...

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    If that's an option for the meantime, you can use ImgBurn to create a DVD-ROM MDS file for your existing ISO(s).
    Tools -> Create MDS file...
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