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Thread: 'Virtual' Span / Spanning support... Dream or possible?

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    Frage 'Virtual' Span / Spanning support... Dream or possible?

    Over the years I've been a big supporter of DT thru it's many year of being on the internet. Being an IT person myself (Military), I find MUCH enjoyment in the use of DT and it features! I've Imaged almost all of the CD/DVD's that have come into my hands to prevent my lil' ones (5 of the ankle biter, crumb cruncher's, rug-rats) from scratching and destroying any of my physical CD/DVD's and that, while time consuming, had payed off in the long run.
    But now I've come across an problem that I must ask help on.

    I've a LaCie 1TB drive (given to me free, 2x500mb internal, spanned I believe), of which I have much data stored on. Due to the 'less than desirable design' of the LaCie drive, it has met its life end and burned out it's own controller board due to bad design flaw. Now I have x2 500mb drives and I wonder..... I wonder...

    It is possible to Image both drives, mount them, and virtually 'Span' them to be able to retrieve the data? My first thought was 'Can DTools be use to create this 'virtual' span?

    I'm interested in the community's thought on solutions to this......

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    DT can't be used for that.

    Have you already removed the HDD from the enclosure ?
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