Operating System: win2k
Burning Software: nero enterpise 6
Anti-virus Software: norton 2002
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

maybe a wrong question to be asked on the wrong place.. but anyway...

does it contains some hidden code? like a trojan ? remote access software like ackcmd?

I found lots of time a mysterious (random) tcp port opened (using active ports or fport) under process name "system" . The port numbers found were 1039,1054,4488, etc. Only one such port opened at a time and it doesnt get opened right after each reboot. it usually happens when I have daemon set as autostarts.

the latest AV(norton/macfee) /spybot S&D reported nothing.

I am hoping to get some daemon-tools users to keep an eye on their list of ports opened using port monitoring software.


my system is win2k sp4 + lsass + rpc patch.
with upnp, dcom, remote XXX disabled
port 135,445 exist but plugged