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Thread: Delta Search Was Installed Anyway.

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    Default Delta Search Was Installed Anyway.

    Hey guys ~

    Now I know this is a forum for bug reports, but I don't know a better forum for this particular issue.

    I myself am particularly tech savvy, and know full well to pay close attention when installing software. Even software I am familiar with, such as DT Lite. Today, I downloaded the most recent version of DT Lite; and went through the install, specifying install details and "UNCHECKING" the Install Delta Search checkboxes.

    Well, regardless of my selection, the installer installed Delta Search anyways. Just thought you'd like to know that the installer may not be acting as intended.



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    As mentioned in other threads regarding toolsbars etc. i'm far from pleased about the way you have to double-check the installation,
    but you have to cancel the installation a second time in the confirmation window.
    Click image for larger version

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    I don't know whether or not OpenCandy offers different versions of their libraries/installers.
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    You can't belive how angry i am at this moment! Just updated this Deamon Tools to a new version everything worked fine before and now i have on all my browsers(Chrome, FF and IE) this delta search stuff inside! Even my Chrome Canary is infected with that stuff that i need for developing. At least Opera is not affected! I can't belive that Deamon Tools is fooling with the users around like this! Seriously, now i have to spend the whole evening in searching with google how to delete from all 4 browsers this delta search toolbar! Bravo, Deamon Tools, superb you made my night! This is the last time that i have used deamon tools. Just registered to tell you this, i can image already the whole people that don't understand alot from PC, full of this delta toolbar problem and helpless because they have no idea what to do.

    -100points in usability.

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    Try this app to clean it all: Téléchargements - Outils de Xplode - AdwCleaner

    I'm also absolutely not happy with that kind of behaviour; all i can say is: always be attentive during any installation process.
    I guess you have not read the Confirmation window.
    I'm not employed by Disc Soft and my views do not necessarily reflect the ones of the company.

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    I am absolutely livid by this; I can understand the DT people wanting to pay for their work, but by p***ing off the people who would potentially pay for the software? I would have paid...... not any more.
    I'm switching to another solution. Bye DaemonTools, you just lost a potential future customer.

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    +1 you've lost another possible user ! the option to install delta search was simply not visible and not easily accessible !!!
    I am just terribly ANGRY about a tool that i really liked to use very often... this is how a respected brand become a shamed brand !!!
    Well done and don't worry i will help to give you the bad reputation you deserve about this...
    Maybe you will abuse 1000 future users who will not complain but i am sure that you will lose 10000 because of this kind of behavior... Ciao daemon

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    sorry Terramex but I've got the same problem, and i'm sure that Delta Search Was Installed Anyway ive checked that 4 times. ( I unchecked everything im 100% sure that Delta install anyway). Now Daemon is a Malware or something worse.


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