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Thread: How do I open a .bin and .cue file?

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    Default How do I open a .bin and .cue file?

    Operating System: windows XP home
    Burning Software: I have nero 5.5, nero 6, alcool 120% and just downloaded CDRWIN
    Anti-virus Software: norton 2003, 2004
    DAEMON Tools Version: none

    Hi I am new to this site and was wondering if someone ccould help me out. My friend sent me the PC game Rise of Nations as a .bin (which is the bulk of the file, like 532 MB) and a .cue file which is like only 720 KB. I have tried to read on the NET how to open these files as I just want to open it to play the game. I have tried to burn with Nero by going to file and burni the image and now I have a CD with it on there as I can tell something is burned on teh CD, but when I put it back in the cd-rom it says that there is nothing on the CD, when I can clearly see that something burned on it. Can anyone help me on this? I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance


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