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Thread: Recent File List in Contextmenu

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    Hi all...
    I'd like to see a recent file list (just the last 4 or 5 entries...) in the system-tray context menu under "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM / Device X: /" where the mount and unmount-commands are... i switch my images a lot, and i'm not really a fan of global key-commands, so it would be great to have a recent file list there! should be only a small change, save the path while mounting and selecting from the list would do a normal mount...

    hope somebody else needs this, too ;-)

    bye, temp

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    This has already been implemented in the Virtual Desktop / Vdesk application. Look in the "Quick mount->Recent Images" menu. Besides that, image lists can be imported and exported from Alcohol 120%.

    Today I have released a new version with several new features; visit

    and search for Vdesk 2.40 / BTEWin 2.33 to read about the changes from the previous version.

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    The requested feature is also available in DAEMount 1.46


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