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Thread: daemon tools problem

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    Default daemon tools problem

    Operating System: windows XP
    Burning Software: none
    Anti-virus Software: Norton
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

    i installed d-tools, and after i restart the computer, i can't find the taskbar tray icon, but when i look in "my computer", there's an extra drive, so what is that problem with the tools? or is it my PC?

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    Default -

    Operating System: -
    Burning Software: -
    Anti-virus Software: -
    DAEMON Tools Version: -

    Pretty strange, but here's a solution how to mount an image without having D-tools in the tray:

    Get into the run-dialog, and type:
    (Path where D-Tools is installed)\daemon.exe -mount 0,"(image's path)"
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    i don't quite understand how to do that><, sorry, i'm a noob in computers><

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    then perhaps you've installed a tool that prevents other programs to put themselves into the system's autostart. Execute daemon.exe manually to be able to mount an image. It's located in the folder where dt is installed.
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