I am a big fan of Red Alert 2, got a the game for Christmas last year. I thought it was sooo cool how I could use fastdump to make an image (runs way faster off the HD). This year I got the add-on Yuri's Revenge. Fastdump doesn't work anymore. I went through the exact same procedure as with RA2, and it just finds a whole bunch of read errors. Here is what I did:

1. Installed game, then ran it with DAEMON-tools SafeDisc emulation on.

2. Exited game.

3. Opened CloneCD (version 3 point something on trial).

4. Told CloneCD to read disc to HDD.

5. Came up with all of the SafeDisc read errors, fastdump didn't work.

How can I image Yuri's Revenge? Does it use a different copy protection? I ran CD Protection Detective on it, and it recognized it as SafeDisc. Do I need another program to dump it? Thanks.