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Thread: left over virtual drives ..

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    Default left over virtual drives ..

    I know computers well, but am a bit puzzled here.

    I've uninstalled daemon tools, but still have 3 virtual drives left in my computer. I have tried the following:

    - the FAQ about uninstalling virtual drives (I do not have a anything under system properties for daemon tools)
    - have uninstalled the cdroms from device manager (they return).
    - fully installed and uninstalled the software (still they remain)
    - checked regedit for HKCU & HKLM software section, d-tools is empty

    I cannot figure out how to get rid of these and I would like to. I believe its a earlier version that was left over. I am running windows xp w/ SP1, and no daemon tools are installed currently.

    Pls help. thank you

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    Default ...fixed

    nm, but thanx, i got it.

    I was the SCSI controller left over in device manager.
    This kept putting back the enum keys and virtual cdroms.



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