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    I have "backed up my files to Railroad Tycoon 3" and I have mounted the images of both of the Cd's and have it installed however when i play it it keeps asking for cd2 to be install... and i dont really know what its about.. since its in my virtual drive.. So i try and eject it and load it again, however it doesnt read it..

    I have 3 total VD's loaded, F: CD1 and G: CD2 and E: another game

    How do i play this game with my VD's so that they are read..
    Can someone help please??
    I'm sure the answer is pretty simple but this is like my second time using it.


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    many games won't search for the cd's and only load from the drive it was installed from. so install from one vd and use the same for playing.

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    Use v3.46, RT3 is protected by SecuROM v4.8x, so you need image with DPM data (e.g. Alcohol or Blindwrite), re-create from original cds in appropriate image format.
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