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    I am REALLY New here and I have been trying to get OPFLASH to work on my LAN, but I need several copies in order to continue my gaming.

    Anybody have instructions on how to copy. I am having problems with Alcohol 120%. I keep getting a ton or "Disc Read Errors"

    Disc read error at: 7141
    Disc read error at: 7530
    Disc read error at: 7539
    Disc read error at: 7567




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    This Game is protected with SafeDisc 2.xx (for exakt Version read this Thread: Which Protection on which Game?? )

    Those readerrors are part of the protection and therefore absolutely normal!

    there should be readerrors in the range from ~800 - ~10000

    Use the "SafeDisc 2" - Profile in Alcohol120% and there should be no problems to generate an Image. If you wanna burn such a Image you should verify if your burner is capable to handle the so-called "weak-sectors" or just simply report here back and let us know which burner you use. You although have the possibility to enable the "bypass efm error" - option in Alcohol120%, if your burner isn't capable to handle the mentioned "weak sectors" correct.

    However, because you are a newbie, feel free to report back here and let us know which hardware you use and we will try to help you as good as it gets :mrgreen:

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    LocutusofBorg, (I love it)

    I have an acer 16x10x40 CDRW

    I hope that doesnt spoil the fun.

    I will try what you have suggested.



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    I had no problems using the ancient DiskDump to image my OFP and OFP:R. I had to run it from my Win98 box since it doesn't seem to work under XP. You may want to try that if you have problems with other programs.


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