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Thread: Advertisement on every website.

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    Böse Advertisement on every website.


    After I installed Daemontools I get ads on every website and much pop ups after clicking links.
    This is very annoying and it's either on google and either on facebook and other things.
    It are random ads and on the bottom-right of the ads it says "Ads not by this site".
    I uninstalled Daemontools and tried to re-install google chrome.
    I either have the ads on internet explorer and it's really annoying.

    I don't know if anyone else has the same problem but I appreciate all the help
    I just need to get rid of all these annoying ads because it's getting me upset.

    Greatings, iJeanPaul

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    I recommend this tool: Téléchargements - Outils de Xplode - AdwCleaner

    Please always be attentive during setup and uncheck things you don't need/like.
    I'm not employed by Disc Soft and my views do not necessarily reflect the ones of the company.

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