So I'm not the only one...

Yes, I have been infected by the free version of Daemon Tools too.
I'm currently waiting for antispyware/virus to clean my PC, thanks to the incompetence of the "qualified QA team" (Honestly, can you tell us what tests they performed?)

Stop throwing bullshit at your users when they come to you saying your programs are a fucking nest of infections. It's been a while since you added some barely legit program to the installation of your software, using some old tips to push the user to install some third party programs.
Because come on, the "Skip/Next" trick, the "recommended installation", all that not event translated.... Good work guys, you are truly professionals.

But hey, why not. After all, it's a free version.

But install adware after the user choose not to do so... Woow guys, nice step forward.
The best part in all that is that I buy your software (a while ago, I must admit)! It's already installed on one of my computer but right now, it was faster/easier to install the free version.

Anyway, because I'm sure you dont give a crap about your users, I just wanted to say that I will never again user/buy anything that is made from you. At my eyes, you are the reflection of what is wrong with developpers nowadays. If you want money, dont scam your users, ask them to buy the pro version.
If I can give you an advice, just try to grow some ethics. Your users, even those of the free version (which are those that have popularized your program) , dont deserve the shit who is installed with your program. If you want money, stop your free version, it will be better for everyone.
And choose your partners more wisely maybe.

You make me sick.